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14 min read

HR Services Transformation: How Organizations Achieve Success with Dovetail's HR Case Management and Employee Relations Software

By Kelly Frisby on Jul 6, 2023 8:33:33 AM

Enterprise organizations across various industries have recognized the importance of efficient HR Case Management and Employee Relations software to overcome challenges and improve their HR Services and employee experience. Several notable organizations, such as Lenovo, Danone North America, Tower Health, First Midwest Bank, Breakthru Beverage Group, and Northside Hospital, and many others have acquired Dovetail’s HR Case Management or Employee Relations software solutions to address their unique needs. By implementing Dovetail's software, these organizations have achieved significant improvements in productivity, workflow efficiency, workload visibility, reporting capabilities, and the overall employee experience.

Read below to find out why Dovetail customers implemented Dovetail HR Case Management and Employee Relations software. 

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7 min read

HR Case Management Software: Benefits and Best Practices

By Kelly Frisby on May 24, 2023 6:28:05 PM

HR departments have many critical functions, and one of them is managing cases that are submitted to the department. Over the years, HR Case Management has become increasingly important in providing a positive employee experience as it is an indispensable tool for ensuring efficient and effective management of employee questions, inquiries and requests. In this blog post, we will look at the different types of HR cases, the benefits of HR case management software, and best practices.

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9 min read

Dovetail Monthly HR News Roundup #34

By Kelly Frisby on May 5, 2023 9:57:49 AM

Latest HR News: Gen Z Unhappiness, AI Disruption, HR Transformation, and Case Study on How Lenovo Improved HR Services With HR Case Management Software

Here's your latest issue of Dovetail's Monthly News Roundup. This edition covers a range of topics, including news on the diverse generations in the workforce, AI in HR, and HR transformation. Gen Z workers are reportedly unhappy, and HR leaders are urged to focus on creating a better employee experience. Additionally, ESG initiatives matter to younger generations, while older workers are being overlooked in favor of younger, tech-savvy candidates. The impact of AI on HR tech and the HR function itself is also discussed, along with the latest HR trends and best practices from top organizations worldwide. Finally, a case study reveals how Lenovo improved global HR services with Dovetail HR Case Management software.

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3 min read

10 Benefits of Dovetail HR Service Delivery Software

By Kelly Frisby on Apr 25, 2023 2:36:19 PM

Streamlining HR Service Delivery with Dovetail HR Software: An Essential Solution for Organizational Success

HR Service Delivery is an essential aspect of an organization's success. However, the growing complexities of HR processes and the need to streamline them can be challenging. Dovetail HR Service Delivery software provides an effective solution to help organizations optimize their HR Service Delivery. In this blog post, we explore 10 benefits of Dovetail HR Service Delivery software and how it can help companies improve their HR processes, resulting in improved employee experience, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

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9 min read

Case Study: How Lenovo Improved Global HR Services With Dovetail HR Case Management Software

By Kelly Frisby on Apr 19, 2023 4:12:18 PM

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11 min read

Dovetail Monthly HR News Roundup #33

By Kelly Frisby on Apr 4, 2023 5:10:33 PM

Latest HR News: Exploring the Role of ChatGPT and HR Technology in Improving the Employee Experience

Welcome to the Dovetail Monthly News Roundup, where we bring you the latest developments and trends in the world of HR and technology.

In this edition, we explore the potential of ChatGPT, the Generative AI tool, in HR, and the launch of its latest AI model, GPT-4. We also delve into the practical uses of ChatGPT in HR, beyond job descriptions, and the concerns surrounding accuracy, bias, privacy, and ethical considerations associated with its use.

In addition, we cover topics such as employee experience, compliance, and HR case management, including case studies of Dovetail's software implementation at Tower Health and a multi-billion dollar soft drinks distributor.

Join us as we examine how technology is transforming HR and the employee experience!

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7 min read

Dovetail Monthly HR News Roundup #32

By Kelly Frisby on Mar 6, 2023 12:25:00 PM

Latest HR News: HR in 2023 & Beyond, Generative AI, Gen Z & HR, HR Compliance, and Dovetail Software Case Study.

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9 min read

Case Study: Dovetail Case Management Software Boosts Productivity and Onboarding Experience for Leading Mutual Insurance Company

By Kelly Frisby on Feb 27, 2023 10:27:11 AM

“We’ve had such great success since we implemented Dovetail. It's completely changed the way my team works and made us much more efficient and improved the employee experience. It’s just been great.”

Contractor Resource Center Manager

This case study explains how one of Dovetail Software’s customers, a Mutual Insurance Company, streamlined its Contractor Resource Center (CRC) and enhanced the employee experience by implementing Dovetail HR Case Management software. The CRC manages 2,000 contractors and an annual spend of $100 to $150 million, but its shared email mailbox led to inefficiency and confusion. Dovetail HR Case Management Software improved their productivity by enabling the CRC to track and manage its workload better. Dovetail also made it easier to onboard contractors efficiently. The implementation process was straightforward, and the software enabled the team to focus on being more strategic.

Learn how Dovetail helped the CRC manager and team become more productive, streamline its communications, and provide clear workload visibility. 

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5 min read

2023 HR Compliance: Navigating the New Landscape with Dovetail and Mineral

By Drew MacKay on Feb 13, 2023 2:51:07 PM

As we move forward into 2023, there are a number of changes that your HR team needs to be prepared to tackle. At Dovetail, we are proud that one of those changes includes our recent partnership to include Mineral within our HR Service Delivery platform. That's why we decided to highlight some key compliance trends for 2023 and show how leveraging the Mineral platform can help our clients be more proactive in dealing with these trends.  

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8 min read

Dovetail Monthly HR News Roundup #31

By Kelly Frisby on Feb 7, 2023 7:20:35 AM

Latest HR News: Top Issues for HR in 2023, HR Trends, HR Services, ChatGpt3 for HR.

Read the latest Dovetail Monthly News Roundup to get the best and most relevant news for HR Professionals.

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