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14 min read

HR Services Transformation: How Organizations Achieve Success with Dovetail's HR Case Management and Employee Relations Software

Jul 6, 2023 8:33:33 AM

Dovetail Software HR Case management Employee Relations ServicesEnterprise organizations across various industries have recognized the importance of efficient HR Case Management and Employee Relations software to overcome challenges and improve their HR Services and employee experience. Several notable organizations, such as Lenovo, Danone North America, Tower Health, First Midwest Bank, Breakthru Beverage Group, and Northside Hospital, and many others have acquired Dovetail’s HR Case Management or Employee Relations software solutions to address their unique needs. By implementing Dovetail's software, these organizations have achieved significant improvements in productivity, workflow efficiency, workload visibility, reporting capabilities, and the overall employee experience.

Read below to find out why Dovetail customers implemented Dovetail HR Case Management and Employee Relations software. 


Lenovo Global HR Services Dovetail Case Management Software

Sheryl Li Global HR Services Director Lenovo Dovetail Software Case management

“The Global HR Services team relies on Dovetail as their primary case management system, which is crucial as it tracks all global cases. Employees can create cases by simply sending an email, and Dovetail automatically assigns them to the correct Service Center based on the employee's location. This functionality enables the Team Lead to easily manage and assign cases, as well as track case status and follow up according to SLAs."

Sheryl Li, the Global HR Services Director

Sheryl Li, the Global HR Services Director at Lenovo, faced several challenges in managing the company's HR cases, including:

  • limited SLA functionality, 
  • a lack of HR case management reporting, 
  • inability to create child cases and assign cases to Tier 2 level support, 
  • inefficient management of employee case history, 
  • and the need to improve operational efficiency.

To overcome these challenges, Lenovo acquired Dovetail's HR Case Management system in 2015. 

Lenovo found Dovetail's SLA capabilities, case analysis, and reporting functionalities most beneficial, and the system enabled the company to achieve operational efficiency in its Global Multi-tier HR Shared Service Delivery Model. Lenovo's HR service team relied on Dovetail as their primary case management system, and the company benefited from Dovetail's ongoing new feature updates and transparent Product Roadmap. Overall, Dovetail's HR Case Management system has proven critical to Lenovo's Global HR Services team's effectiveness and success.

Read the full case study: How Lenovo Improved Global HR Services With Dovetail HR Case Management Software.

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Danone North America

Danone US Dovetail Software HR Case ManagementCrystal Carter Danone US HR Dovetail Case Management Employee Portal

“Dovetail's Employee Portal, Knowledge, and Case Management functionality surpasses anything that I've used previously! The site is intuitive and the search functionality is on point. I love how easy the site is to configure and that I was able to customize everything to support our processes and ways of working.”

Crystal Carter, Danone US HR Shared Services Director

Crystal Carter, the Director of HR Shared Services at Danone North America, purchased Dovetail Software to improve HR service delivery and the employee experience. When Crystal joined Danone, she realized that the HR Services function was not operating efficiently. Senior-level HR business partners were spending too much time answering repetitive employee questions, delivering inconsistent answers, and had a lack of HR/employee data collation and reporting, which was needed for making effective management decisions. These issues resulted in the high level strategic HRBPs' time being consumed by answering the same questions repeatedly. HRBPs were also answering identical questions without any visibility on the answers their colleagues had already given. Crystal decided to transform the HR Shared Services operation model and deploy the latest in HR Services technology to support it. After evaluating several HR services technology providers, Crystal chose Dovetail for its ease of use, intuitive system interconnectivity, game-changing data reporting and analytics, and good value for the money. The Dovetail applications selected included HR Case Management, Employee Portal, HR Knowledge Management, Advanced Reporting & Analytics, and Live Chat.

The implementation of Dovetail's HR services technology has modernized Danone's HR Service Delivery, making it fit for the 21st century.

Watch Danone Employee Experience Webinar with Sapient Insights Group and Dovetail Software

Read the full case study: Dovetail Software Launch for Danone US Is Resounding Success Among Employees and HR Users.

Northside Hospital 

Northside Hospital HR Service Productivity Employee Experience Dovetail Case Management

Yen Edwards HR Operations Manager Northside Hospital Dovetail Software

"The new system has greatly increased the efficiency of HR Services, saving hours of time. For example, it has facilitated more efficient management of open enrollment for benefits. The increased information, functions, and email capabilities allowed the team to prioritize cases and tackle the 400 to 500 cases received daily during open enrollment with ease, eliminating the common backlog of open cases from previous years. The event rules, which is part of the workflow feature, have also been a game changer, reducing time spent on case resolution."

Yen Edwards, the HR Operations Manager

Yen Edwards, the HR Operations Manager at Northside Hospital, acquired Dovetail Software's HR Case Management solution to address challenges and enhance HR Services and the employee experience. The implementation of Dovetail streamlined case management processes, resulting in improved productivity for the HR Services team. It allowed them to handle a large volume of employee cases more efficiently, prioritize workloads effectively, and dedicate more time to personalized, employee-centric activities. Additionally, Dovetail's features resolved various challenges such as merging duplicate cases, categorizing different groups of cases, enabling employees to manage their own cases, and providing reporting capabilities for non-admin users. The integration of Dovetail HR Case Management with Northside's existing Employee Experience platform, Embark by WTW), further optimized HR processes and workflow automation. Overall, the acquisition of Dovetail significantly improved HR services, the employee experience, and the management of HR cases at Northside Hospital.

Read the full case study: Northside Hospital Improves HR Services Productivity and the Employee Experience With Dovetail HR Case Management.

Tower Health

Tower Health Dovetail Employee Portal Software HR

“I wanted a tool that could track employee questions and requests, had metrics on our activity to gain visibility of our workload, and the ability to monitor our HR Services performance. I also wanted to deliver more consistent service to our employees, and I could see the potential of Dovetail’s Knowledge Management capabilities to enable us to provide consistent answers to questions. It was also important that the system was built for HR and that HR was in control of change management. The system had to be good value for the investment too. I felt Dovetail HR Case Management met these requirements.”

Mick Schoenberger, Vice President Total Rewards and HR Operations

Tower Health, a regional healthcare provider in Pennsylvania, adopted Dovetail Software's HR Case Management and Knowledge Management capabilities, along with its Employee Portal, after the acquisition of five hospitals had created a need for rationalizing HR systems, Also, the introduction of remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic had created the need for faster, more engaging employee communication. Overall, there was a desire to mitigate risks to HR service levels and the employee experience. Dovetail's Employee Portal:

  • Improved two-way communication between HR and employees.
  • Provided self-service capabilities for finding answers to employee questions.
  • Enabled targeted and engaging employee communications.
  • Facilitated employee feedback for continual improvement of the employee experience.
  • Provided a central hub for all employee and HR content, keeping employees up-to-date with changing work practices.
  • Allowed Tower Health to adopt a new HR services operational model.

Read the full case study: Tower Health Adopts Dovetail Employee Portal to Improve the Employee Experience of Work.

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US Mutual Insurance Company

Dovetail Case Management Software Boost Productivity Onboarding Experience Leading Mutual Insurance Company

“We’ve had such great success since we implemented Dovetail. It's completely changed the way my team works and made us much more efficient and improved the employee experience. It’s just been great.”

Contractor Resource Center Manager

Investing in Dovetail HR Case Management software transformed the Contract Resource Center (CRC) at a major US Mutual Insurance company's approach to managing workload challenges. The CRC team faced major inefficiencies, communication gaps, and errors due to using an Outlook shared email inbox. Recognizing the need for enhanced productivity and strategic planning, the CRC Manager requested a demo of Dovetail HR Case Management. Impressed by what he saw, the Contract Resource Manager made the decision to acquire Dovetail, ushering in a new era of efficient workload management.

Benefits included significant workflow improvements, streamlined communications, enhanced workload visibility, and more effective task management. As a result, the work environment became smoother, and employees experienced improved job satisfaction. Dovetail also empowered the CRC team to focus on more strategic initiatives, guiding decision-making and uncovering cost-saving opportunities. Overall, Dovetail's implementation had a significant positive impact on the CRC, optimizing processes and enhancing productivity.

Read the full case study: Dovetail Case Management Software Boosts Productivity and Onboarding Experience for Leading Mutual Insurance Company.

First Midwest Bank | Old National

First Midwest Bank Old National COVID-19 Dovetail HR Service Delivery Software

Lori Sappington First Midwest Bank Old National Employee Portal Knowledge Base Dovetail Software

“I like a lot of Dovetail HR Service Delivery features. Case Types and the Case Management Query tool are among them, but the #1 feature is the self-service Employee Portal with a searchable Knowledge Base. We have more than 450 Knowledge Articles in the Knowledge Base, including answers to common employee questions, inquiries, and queries. I would need two other team members if our employees didn’t have access to Dovetail’s Employee Portal. Also, our younger employees love the live chat feature, accessible via the Employee Portal.”

Lori Sappington, VP HR Shared Services Manager

Lori Sappington, VP HR Shared Services and Pam Jackson, 
Senior Vice President-Head of HR Technology and Operations, acquired Dovetail HR Service Delivery technology for First Midwest Bank | Old National to help manage HR Services during the pandemic. The software allowed the bank to effectively monitor outbreaks of COVID-19 among its employees and take immediate action to isolate infected individuals and their contacts, which ensured bank branches could stay open. They also implemented several programs to address anxiety and financial stress among employees and optimized Dovetail's HR Service Management features. As a result, the bank was able to keep employees informed and alleviate their concerns about the pandemic, mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among the workforce, and prevent closure of bank branches. Additionally, it increased HR Shared Services productivity by 20% and allowed HR Shared Services team to effortlessly transition to remote working. Overall, the solution adopted by First Midwest Bank | Old National and supported by Dovetail HR Services technology sunstantially increased HR Services efficiency and achieved successful outcomes in co-protecting the health, safety, and well-being of employees, colleagues, and community members during the pandemic.

Read the full case study: First Midwest Bank/Old National - Keeping Employees Safe and Optimizing Operations During the Pandemic with Dovetail HR Service Delivery Software.


Breakthru Beverage HR Service Delivery Dovetail HR Case Management Employee Portal

Donna Nelson Breakthru Beverage Group Dovetail HR Case Management Service Delivery

“I would unequivocally recommend Dovetail HR Case Management and Employee Portal software. The first is because compared to other implementations I’ve worked on with other software providers, Dovetail is so easy to implement. Secondly, I think that the Dovetail interface is really user friendly and simple to use, and HR people like that ‘ease of use’. In fact, having worked with other case management software, I found that Dovetail has a much better user interface. Lastly, the quality of people that Dovetail has on board, many of whom have long tenures, is excellent. So they have ‘been there, done that, and know what they are doing.’ This has given me peace of mind." 

Donna Nelson, Director of HR Service Delivery

Andrew Moss, Vice President of HR Services and Donna Nelson, Director of HR Service Delivery implemented Dovetail HR Case Management and Employee Portal software for Breakthru Beverage Group to transform the delivery of HR Services. Breakthru wanted to establish an HR Service Delivery function based on a multi-tiered HR Shared Services model and needed the right case management and employee portal software to support it. Breakthru wanted to improve operational efficiency, enhance the employee experience, and become a data-driven HR function.

After thorough research, Breakthru chose Dovetail because it provided great case management functionality at a better price point compared to other solutions on the market. It also had a lower Total Cost of Ownership and a faster implementation timeline. The solution required implementing a centralized HR Shared Services Delivery Model with four tiers of support, from Tier 0 to Tier 3, which was enabled by Dovetail HR Case Management and Employee Portal. The Employee Portal provided Breakthru employees with 24/7 accessibility, improved employee communications, self-service case creation and instant knowledge base search.

Read the full case study: Breakthru Beverage Group Transforms HR Service Delivery With Dovetail HR Case Management and Employee Portal.

US Soft Drinks Distributor

Dovetail Case Management Software Employee Relations Soft Drinks Distributor

“Dovetail is built by people who understand HR and the product has been beautifully designed with that understanding. The software is customizable to allow for the famous ER/HR 'gray area' situations. Ultimately, Dovetail’s system has helped us achieve our Employee Relations objectives.” 

Leave & Accommodation Partner, US Soft Drinks Distributor

The Leave & Accommodation Partner at a US Soft Drinks Distributor implemented Dovetail ER Case Management software to improve the management of employee relations issues. The company had created a new Employee Relations function with five Employee Relations Partners, a Leave & Accommodation Partner, and an Employee Relations Manager to manage investigations, corrective actions, and consultations. This new team faced several challenges, including lack of case management capabilities such as case tracking and reporting.

The Director of HR Compliance, Employee Services, and Employee Relations chose Dovetail ER Case Management software, which was easy to implement and customize to the team's needs. The software provided a range of capabilities, including HR Console, case creation, instant knowledge search, case tracking and escalation, emails and notes, templates, audit timeline, SLA functionality, workflow automation, HCM data view, attachments, and out-of-box reports.

The Dovetail ER Case Management system has been successful in achieving the company's Employee Relations objectives and is now being deployed across multiple HR and ER teams.

Read the full case study: Multi-Billion Dollar Soft Drinks Distributor Improves Employee Relations With Dovetail Case Management Software.                                                                            


The acquisition of Dovetail HR Case Management and Employee Relations software has proven to be a game-changer for enterprise organizations in various industries. By leveraging Dovetail's robust features and functionalities, organizations have successfully addressed their HR challenges and transformed their HR services, ultimately enhancing the employee experience. With streamlined case management processes, improved workload visibility, automation capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces, these organizations have achieved increased productivity, better strategic planning, and effective communication within their HR teams and with employees. As a result, they have seen tangible improvements in operational efficiency, reduced costs, optimized resource allocation, and elevated levels of employee satisfaction. The success stories of these organizations demonstrate the value of implementing Dovetail's HR Case Management and Employee Relations software in enterprise environments.

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Kelly Frisby
Written by Kelly Frisby

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