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8 min read

Employee Relations Management Software in 2023

Feb 18, 2022 11:15:40 AM

employee relations management software

Find the Right Employee Relations HR Case Management System for Your Organization

Are you looking for employee relations, labor management or HR case management software to improve how you manage and track employee issues? If you are currently using Human Resources Excel spreadsheet templates for tracking employee and labor relations issues, such as complaints, grievances and conflict between employees, you may be experiencing difficulty in employee relations management, due to inefficient processes and "hit and miss" issue tracking. Poor case management could put your organization at higher risk of employee litigation (along with the associated costs). An Employee Relations case management software system, like Dovetail Employee Relations Case Management, with features such as employee/labor relations issue tracking, automatic investigations management, ER task assignments and centralized digital documentation, can help you resolve these issues.
Employee Relations Software Demo

What is Employee Relations Management Software?

Employee relations management software, also referred to as employee HR case management, or labor relations management software, is a digital HR tool that helps Employee Relations teams investigate, manage and track employee and labor relations issues, including:

  • Harassment, including sexual and bullying
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Conflict management
  • Company policy violations
  • Absenteeism
  • Fraud and theft
  • Safety and security concerns
  • Employee misconduct
  • Salary issues
  • Compliance issues

How do you mediate conflict between employees? Is Employee Relations management software, or an HR case management system with employee relations features, part of your ER mix? 

If you are looking at how to mediate and resolve conflict between managers and employees better, or at any other form of improvement to your employee relations management function, or you want to discover more about what employee relations management software is, then check out the following 11 benefits of employee relations case management software.

11 Benefits of Employee Relations Management Software 

labor relations software

1. Employee Relations Case Tracking, Management and Investigations

With Dovetail’s Employee Relations case management software, you can create, assign and track employee relations cases, storing labor relations issues in a central database, which is easily accessible from any permissioned location. As investigations progress through the Employee Relations lifecycle, the entire ER process is systematically managed, tracked and monitored. The software effectively gives you an Employee Relations or labor issues tracker, which eliminates the use of Excel employee relations trackers. 

A Dovetail customer explained how Dovetail's employee relations software (part of Dovetail's HR Case Management system) has improved labor relations investigations at her company:

"We are very consistent now about making sure all employee relations issues and investigations data and performance management plans are entered into the Dovetail employee case management software system, so that we can track in detail, what's going on with each employee relations investigation, or performance improvement plan."

Michelle Fry, Human Resources Leader, CNO Financial

Click the button below to request a demo of Dovetail's Employee Relations case management software.

Employee Relations Software Demo


2. Enable Employee Relations Investigators to Collaborate and Work Remotely, Anytime, Anywhere

During the pandemic, remote and hybrid working became a standard workplace practice, which has implications for the Employee Relations function which is collaborating remotely with colleagues and employees to resolve labor issues. This makes it critical that ER teams have remote-enabled technology like Employee Relations case management software to work effectively from any location.

Dovetail's HR Case Management system, with Employee Relations case management software features, includes a number of collaboration tools, including Workflow Automation, Team Queues, and Child Cases (ability to tie multiple issues together under one case). During a pandemic, these capabilities also ensure your Employee Relations team can minimize contact with colleagues, by not having to move around the office to speak to each other in person. Furthermore, there's no need to leave voicemails for colleagues every time there is a need to collaborate on an employee case, as employee relations software enables this to all be done online.

3. Reduced Risk of Employee Relations Litigation

Dovetail's Employee Relations HR Case Management system helps HR and Employee Relations teams by providing a safe and secure, permission-based database for all labor issues and employee relations cases, including associated information and document attachments. An Employee Communications Portal also ensures employees are kept up to date on all HR policies (and other HR communications), which reduces the risk of litigation caused by an employee claiming a lack of information or knowledge in their case.

4. Generate Actionable Insight from Advanced Reporting & Analytics

With Dovetail’s Real-time Smart Dashboards, you can deep dive into employee relations data, analyzing information by individual employee, demographic, issue type, line manager, department and case outcomes to reveal repetitive labor issues and significant trends in employee behavior. Customized Employee Relations management reports can also help you stay alert to employee issues, such as frequent complaints and grievances. Click here to find out more.

5. Regular Employee Relations Case Management Software Upgrades Thanks to Cloud-based SaaS System Architecture

By deploying a Cloud-based, SaaS HR Employee Relations case management system like Dovetail, you always have the latest technical features at your fingertips, as the case management system is updated on a quarterly basis.

Also, unlike for on-premise solutions, your organization will not get tied up in time-consuming (and energy-sapping) IT project upgrades, as all software updates are managed by Dovetail. 

You'll also have visibility of the Product Roadmap, so you’ll know when the latest Employee Relations software updates are coming down the track.

6. Help Employee Relations Advisers and Investigators Stick to Deadlines

Dovetail’s Employee Relations HR Case Management Notification feature includes functions such as call-back, reminder alerts, and popups, which facilitates both the use of user-driven events and application-driven events. It can send email reminders of case progress and looming deadlines to case handlers. The Employee Relations case handler can also control the frequency of notifications, together with other technical features to control notification-related activities.

7. Digital Employee Relations Case Documentation Keeps Employee Data Safe and Secure

Documentation of employee concerns, Investigator responses, and the associated outcomes, is critical to successful Employee Relations management. For example, during a misconduct case, a company’s ability to defend or take employment action depends on having stored the documentation of the relevant communication with the employee and other related parties. Dovetail's labor relations software provides HR and Employee Relations teams with the means to digitize, store and attach files, emails, and other documents in a central database, accessible only to those with the right permissions.

8. Transparent Employee Communications

In every Employee Relations case, it’s important that responses to employee issues are structured, consistent and transparent, and that employees are regularly informed and educated on company policies, including those related to equal employment opportunities, anti-retaliation, and anti-discriminatory practices. Dovetail’s Employee Portal provides HR with the employee communications platform they need to ensure employees are always kept up to date with company policies and other HR communications.

9. Ensure Employee Relations Data Security & Confidentiality

Employers must keep employee personal data safe, secure, and up to date. For example, in a grievance case, data security is critical, as sensitive employee data could include names of the accused, details of an allegation, and other case-related evidence.

10. It's Fast and Simple to Integrate Employee Relations Software with Your Current HR Systems

With Dovetail’s Employee Relations HR Case Management software, connecting to your existing HR systems is easy. Using Dovetail’s HCM Connector, your HRIS technology can seamlessly connect with Dovetail's software, meaning there's no need to re-enter data that already exists in your HR system.

11. Stay in Compliance with Compliance Management Features

And finally, stay in compliance by accessing features such as XpertHR, which provides expert legal advice in Employee Relations management, helping reduce the number of employee and labor relations issues and complaints.

Employee Relations Software Demo 

Kelly Frisby
Written by Kelly Frisby

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