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7 min read

Dovetail Monthly HR News Roundup #20

Feb 28, 2022 10:54:50 AM

employee experience software

Latest HR News: HR Services Quality, the Employee Experience, HR's Response to the Great Resignation and HR Tech Trends in 2022

Read on to discover the latest developments in how HR is improving employee services and the employee experience in 2022.


How to Maximize the Power of Excellent HR Service Quality

What can HR professionals do to improve the HR experience at their organizations?

This blog post reports on a series of four studies, involving more than 32,000 participants,  that revealed the five experiences that comprise employees’ perceptions of HR. The study asked over 60 questions that identified the 15 items that reliably measure HR service quality, seen through the lens of the employee experience. A new metric, HRXPS (HR XPerience Score), provides a way to measure the effectiveness of HR service quality and pinpoint what actions can be taken to increase its effectiveness.

Click here to find out more.

Rethinking Your Approach to the Employee Experience

hr trends

A study by the research and advisory firm Gartner, comprising global surveys of 5,000 employees and more than 150 HR leaders, reveals that employee engagement has been flat since 2016. For example, just 31% of workers say that their company offers something unique. And only 23% of HR leaders expect most employees to stay with the firm after the pandemic ends.

The results of the survey suggest employers should:

  • Connect with employees’ lives outside work
  • Enable employee autonomy, by providing “radical flexibility” in which employees ideally decide with whom, on what, and how much to work
  • Promote personal growth by providing a range of opportunities such as career coaching, community service, and even language lessons
  • Instill shared purpose by instituting regular meetings to discuss emerging issues, while creating a framework for deciding whether and how to address them
  • Provide holistic well-being offerings by recognizing that needs vary from person to person and change over time

Click here to delve deeper into this issue


The Future of the Enterprise Demands a New Future of HR

HR must step into a new future by shifting in four areas according to a new report by Deloitte. They include:

  • Mind-set - Transition to the future by adopting new traits and behaviors to thrive in the digital age
  • Focus - Drive value through customer-centricity and human-centered solutions
  • Lens - Break away from traditional HR operating models in favor of dynamic ways of working, that are fit-for-purpose to achieve work outcomes inside an enterprise’s values and culture
  • Enablers - Deploy advanced technologies focused on creating productivity and simplicity of experience through a unified engagement platform

deloitte hr blog post image

Image source: Deloitte

Download the full report

The 2022 Workplace Trends That Business Leaders Must Address

According to a new report by Gartner, executives will have to contend with unfairness in the employee experience, COVID-19 vaccinations, the war for talent, and employee well-being.

Volatility will continue to increase in 2022 amid continuing changes around hybrid work, annual compensation, and societal issues. Gartner writes these five trends will shape the workplace:

  1. Fairness and equity will be the defining issues for organizations
  2. A significant number of employers will not adopt a vaccine mandate and instead will rely on testing
  3. To compete in the war for talent among knowledge workers, some companies will shorten the work week rather than increase pay
  4. Employee turnover will continue to increase as hybrid and remote work become the norm for knowledge workers
  5. Managerial tasks will be automated, creating space for managers to build more human relationships with their employees

Click here to find out more about the workplace trends affecting business in 2022. 

In a Hybrid World, Your Tech Defines Employee Experience

hr software

One of the big questions many leaders are facing is “How can we meaningfully communicate, collaborate, and connect in a hybrid (or remote) environment?” 

Since many employees are underwhelmed by their current technology and remote work experiences, many employers are responding by creating new technology categories to support workers. How employees communicate, collaborate, and connect are fundamental qualities of the employee experience, and it’s critical that employers get it right when it comes to how they facilitate these interactions with technology. 

Discover how you can improve the employee experience in a hybrid world.

Also, read The Ultimate Guide to Employee Experience (EX) Technology.


Hybrid Workplaces Call for Upgraded Tech

Due to its dynamic nature, a hybrid workplace model is difficult to manage without real-time data, as the employer isn't sure how employees are using office space. For employees, the struggle is how to best coordinate their time in the office with that of their colleagues. Overbooking and underbooking space will lead to a poor experience, diminished productivity, and frustration.

Read this article for a deep dive into space management technology that can help organizations implement an effective hybrid workplace.

An HR Case Management system also helps companies make a success of hybrid working. Check out The Ultimate Guide to HR Case Management to find out more.


Turnover Contagion: Why Are So Many Employees Quitting?

A recent study shows employee turnover seems to be spreading by word-of-mouth: workers who quit their jobs in the past nine months were more likely to say they were swayed by news stories and social media posts about quitting, than were workers who quit 10 months to two years ago. 

In the study, Ragan Decker, Ph.D., senior researcher of strategic research initiatives for SHRM said:

"People are hearing about this mass exodus on the nightly news, in newspapers, and on social media, all while watching their co-workers hand in their resignation letters—leading some to think, 'Maybe it is a good time for me to leave, too.' It's turnover contagion." 

Click here to find out how some companies are resolving this issue and retaining and attracting employees as a response to the Great Resignation.

What’s Keeping HR Up at Night? The Great Resignation and More Survey Shows

great resignation employee

Continuing with the theme of the Great Resignation, it is hiring and retaining key talent - in which record numbers of people are leaving their jobs in search of better work experiences - that is the biggest HR challenge currently facing organizations, according to results of Human Resource Executive’s annual “What’s Keeping HR Up at Night?” survey. 

The survey, which polled 820 HR professionals in late November (2021) (before the discovery of the highly contagious Omicron variant), found that 60% of respondents cited recruiting and retaining workers as one of their top two challenges. Improving employee morale and engagement in remote/hybrid/socially distanced workplaces (cited by 18% of HR leaders), managing compliance, including expected federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates (16%), and improving company culture (12%), were HR’s other top concerns of 2021.

Learn more.

How To Design An Amazing Employee Experience

Investing in the employee experience should be an easy decision, according to Steve Cox, Vice President in Cisco’s Employee Experience (EX) organization. Cox says:

“Real EX impact is made when employees feel valued and connected; when kindness, empathy, well-being, curiosity, and accountability are prioritized; and when they see tangible evidence that they are moving forward on their desired career path.”

Cox goes on to explain that the first step in getting an EX initiative off the ground is to start listening to your employees and start pulling the data - both qualitative and quantitative. 

To find out more click here.

Also, check out The Ultimate Guide to Employee Experience (EX) Technology.


Kelly Frisby
Written by Kelly Frisby

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