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13 min read

Dovetail Monthly News Roundup for HR Professionals

Sep 2, 2020 1:40:41 PM

Diversity image - hands 880

It's in Your Hands:

A Workforce That Is as Diverse as the Hands That Built It

Do you want to fight inequality in the workplace? Is building a diverse workforce at the top of your organization's agenda? In this month's News Roundup we lead with the Society for Human Resource Management's (SHRM) Together Forward @Work campaign, which aims to fight racial inequality in the workplace. SHRM believe its members, and the wider HR and business community, can bring their unique professional talents together to stand against all forms of social injustice. Citing new and original research, they claim the answer is "in your hands"

Of course, the coronavirus is never far from the top of our minds. And recovering from its effects is the focus of the authors of the Deloitte report, Workforce Strategies for Post-COVID-19 Recovery.

The authors believe the biggest challenge facing organizations during the recovery is the tension between preparing for a return to work and rethinking work. Read their report to discover how your organization can move beyond crisis response, towards strategies that accelerate recovery. 

Jason Averbook (CEO and Co-founder at Leapgen, a global digital transformation consultancy) outlines 5 radical resets for our new world of work, in his Human Resource Executive article, which have been caused by the radical disruption that occurred this year. Read his article to find out more about these 'resets' and the 'rewiring' of the organization to empower the individual in the workplace. Or join his 5 Radical Resets Webinar on Tuesday September 8, 9:00 am PT / 12:00 ET.

In the HR Director, a UK based magazine for HR professionals, discover 50 Tips to Find Work/Life Balance When Working Remotely. Don’t be embarrassed about interruptions says author, Michelle Duval - dogs, kids or shirtless husbands will eventually make an entrance on a video call, no matter what you do! Michelle's answer is 'to just laugh it off and don’t get stressed'. 

In this month's Book Corner you'll find 6 books that will help you progress in your career. Our choice is HR From the Outside In: Six Competencies for the Future of Human Resources, by Dave Ulrich, Jon Younger, Wayne Brockbank and Mike Ulrich because it helps HR professionals get the skills they need to be successful in the future.

Dave Ulrich came to prominence when his model that explains how to drive efficiency in HR operations (which became known as the Ulrich Model) was adopted among corporations throughout the world. In his, and his coauthors', latest book, six core competencies (that the successful HR professional needs today) are identified. They include 1) Strategic Positioner, 2) Credible Activist, 3) Change Champion, 4) HR Innovator & Integrator, 5) Capability Builder and 6) Technology Proponent. It's an interesting and thought-provoking read throughout. Why not pick up a book today, and get started on gaining a new competency, or two, before the end of year? 

Fun for all the family is Bupa's aim with their Fun Activities to Do with Your Children During COVID-19 article. It's a perfect read for those racking their brains for ideas on how to keep the little ones entertained during COVID-19. Our favorite's cooling off with a water fight!

And finally, a couple of articles by Dovetail:

Read these posts for insights on how to improve the performance of remote working teams, and to understand how health screening and contact tracing technology can help your organization protect its employees as they return to work.

It's in Your Hands: Together Forward @Work by the SHRM

stand together hands blog49% of Black HR professionals feeling that discrimination based on race and or ethnicity exists in their workplace, and only 13% of White HR professionals feeling the same, is just one of several issues that needs addressing in the workplace. 

The Society for Human Resource Management wants to do something about it with their Together Forward @Work campaign, which aims to drive out racial inequity from the workplace. It's a call to action for HR and the business community. Find out more by clicking the link below. 

Read The Journey to Equity and Inclusion' by SHRM

Deloitte: Workforce Strategies for Post-COVID-19 Recovery

workforce strategiesAre you looking to accelerate your organization's recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Read Deloitte's Workforce Strategies for Post-COVID-19 Recovery for answers to the following questions:


1) Respond - How can an organization deal with the present situation and manage continuity?

2) Recover - How can an organization learn and emerge stronger?

3) Thrive - How can an organization prepare for and shape the “new normal”?

Download the full report here

World of Work: 5 Radical Resets for Our New World of Work

Jason Averbrook at Leapgen Consultancy

Jason Averbook, CEO and Co-founder of Leapgen and the Human Resource Executive's People Side of Digital columnist, writes there are 5 'radical resets' that are happening today due to the disruption in 2020, which 'changed everything: how we work, how we live, what we value, everything.' 

To learn more join his 5 Radical Resets Webinar on Tuesday September 8, 9:00 am PT / 12:00 ET

Or click here to read Jason's Human Resource Executive article.

Remote Working: 50 Tips to Find Work/Life Balance When Remote Working

remote work hr blog45% of workers say they are burned out when working from home, due to a lack of work/life balance. 

HR Director magazine says that while there are certain steps employers can take to address remote work burnout within their own organization, there are also plenty of strategies the individual can try out themselves, when struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Read 50 Tips to Find Work/Life Balance When Remote Working to find out how you can get balance back into your life. Our favorite is 'setting a hard time to end your work day and turn off notifications'. What's yours?

Book Corner: 6 Books Every HR Professional Should Read

hr book cornerThe field of Human Resource is ever-changing, and it is essential for HR to keep themselves updated and abreast of the changes. 

To keep you updated, The HR Digest, a leading HR magazine that provides information on HR resources, HR news, HR tools and HR best practices, has selected 6 books which it considers must-haves for every HR professional. Our choice is HR From the Outside in Six Competencies for the Future of Human Resources, by Dave Ulrich, Jon Younger, Wayne Brockbank and Mike Ulrich, because it explains the critical competencies the modern HR professional should have today in order to be successful. 

Click here to choose your favorite

Take a Break: Fun Activities to Do with Your Children During COVID-19

water fight funDuring lockdown, it’s easy to run out of inspiration for fun things to do with the family and, in particular, to entertain younger children. If you’re racking your brains for ideas on how to keep your little ones entertained during COVID-19, Bupa have put together some handy ideas to help you keep the boredom at bay. Cool off with a water fight is our fun suggestion!

Click here to have fun with the family 

5 Reasons Why HR Technology Helps Your Remote Working Teams Perform Better

remote working hr teamsHas your HR Services team suddenly become a remote working team? Do they have the right tools in place to carry out their activities effectively? And, as an HR leader, do you have the Reporting & Analytics technology in place to ensure you can manage your team’s performance? 

Click here to discover how HR Services technology can help your remote working teams perform better!

Discover The Ultimate Guide to COVID-19 Contact Tracing

contact tracing technologyContact tracing is being hailed as one of the best ways to ensure coronavirus doesn’t spread throughout the community. Case management technology is also being considered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a tool for helping companies reduce the spread of the virus among corporate workforces. 

Read our Ultimate Guide to COVID-19 Contact Tracing to learn how you can protect your employees and business during the COVID-19 pandemic, by implementing the most advanced health screening, contact tracing and case management technologies

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Dovetail's Monthly News Roundup! Until next time, stay safe! 

Kelly Frisby
Written by Kelly Frisby

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